Captain Fatima and the future of policing

Captain Fatima brings years of training, including a 4-year legal degree, to her job as police captain and policy advisor in Garowe, Puntland.
Garowe is the largest town in Puntland, Somalia. Many people have migrated here to find jobs and other opportunities. Many more have come after being displaced by violence and climate change elsewhere in Somalia.
Fatima talks to a police officer at Garowe Police station.
As well as the town, Garowe’s police officers serve nearby camps for displaced people many of whom arrive after fleeing conflict and drought in other parts of the country.
Garowe police station hosts a UNDP-supported community police unit that helps deal with cases involving women and brings police closer to local communities.
90% of Puntland’s police officers are men, but rape and domestic violence are some of the most commonly reported crimes.
Female officers working at Puntland’s police stations report that women are more comfortable reporting crimes to other women.



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UNDP Somalia

UNDP Somalia

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